Letter Battle

What follows is a “battle of the letters” that went on for a few weeks recently in my hometown paper, The Royal City Record, relating to the recent Provincial Election in British Columbia. This will give you a sense of my political outlook.

The Original Letter

Murray’s loss a sad day

Editor, The Record:

Tuesday was a very sad day for New Westminster.

Joyce Murray is one of Canada’s leading political lights, a powerhouse star cabinet minister, a person of great integrity, a savvy manager with an MBA, who has run huge government portfolios with amazing skill. Instead of sending this great leader back to Victoria to proudly represent the community she loves and lives in, we are sending a complete unknown, who has busied himself for years in small-time local politics, to merely bide his time in fruitless opposition, collect a paycheque, and have zero impact for New West.

We used to have a real somebody on our side; now we an obscure man who espouses the outmoded ideals of a socialist world view that crumbled years ago along with the Berlin Wall. Sadly, some of the poor and needy of our community think that the NDP will actually help them live better lives. When it shortly becomes apparent that Chuck Puchmayr will deliver nothing to them, they will bitterly regret, for a long time, that they did not make Joyce their choice.

Let’s hope Joyce will run again next time and give New West another chance.

David Brett
New Westminster

The Responses:

‘Disrespectful’ letter belittled city council

Editor, The Record:

Re: Murray’s loss a ‘sad day,’ Letters to the editor, The Record, May 21.

I have never read a more disgusting letter in your newspaper than this one written by David Brett. It is so disrespectful of another human being that I am shocked you would publish it. To start with, the writer belittles our municipal government with his comment about “small-time local politics.” Where does this man think most people in politics start off if not at the municipal level?

Joyce Murray had never held a political position until she ran as an unknown in 2001. I am not writing this to belittle Joyce and the work she did or didn’t do for this city, but to express my outrage at the total lack of respect for someone who has given their time and effort to help make this city a better place to live. With the attitude this writer has displayed, I would think that it may be better for all of us if he took his comments and moved on.

Susan Longva
New Westminster

My Response to the Response:

Letter writer ‘hysterical’

Editor, The Record:

I was somewhat disturbed to read Susan Longva’s hysterical over-reaction (‘Disrespectful’ letter belittled city council, The Record, May 25) to my letter lamenting New West’s loss of political heavyweight Joyce Murray and questioning what political lightweight Chuck Puchmayr can do for us in opposition. The “shocked” and “outraged” Longva apparently finds my fair but hard-hitting comments “disgusting.” This reaction is very surprising, given how the hate-mongering left wing spared no smear or insult to paint the B.C. Liberals as mean, utterly evil people.

In my opinion, Longva’s “disgust” is really just narrow-minded political intolerance. My reference to city council experience as “small-time” was not meant to disparage local politicians, who often toil admirably in thankless obscurity. Rather, my intent was to contrast the “small time” to the “big time,” that is, the New West city council versus the B.C. provincial legislature and cabinet.

I love New Westminster and constantly brag about it, but I am humble enough to admit that we are a small town with a wonderfully small-town sense of community. Perhaps we in New Westminster did not appreciate the significance of having a prominent cabinet minister going to bat for us.

Joyce is not there for us anymore and that, in my opinion, sucks.

David H. Brett
New Westminster

posted on 06/06/2005

Responses to my Response:

Sore losers should just accept Murray’s loss

Editor, The Record:

Point of view is a funny thing.

David H. Brett found Susan Longva’s call for civility to be a “hysterical overreaction” (Letter-writer ‘hysterical,’ Letters to the editor, The Record, June 4) and went on to “prove” his point by quoting Ms. Longva’s letter out of context and dismissing it along with the rest of “the hate-mongering left wing.” Yet he was sure to praise his own screed as “fair and hard-hitting.” Like I said, point of view is a funny thing because I, and I imagine Ms. Longva, dismissed his rant as the sore loser lamentation of a political shill.

Murray lost, and lost badly, because she did not serve the best interests of her constituents, her city or her province and not, as Mr. Brett would have it, because the citizens of New Westminster suddenly had a collective lapse in brain function. So please, Mr. Brett, keep your American conservative, Ann Coulter/Bill O’Reilly-style commentary to yourself. Until, that is, you have something intelligent (and respectful) to share.

Tejpal Singh Swatch
New Westminster

The public has spoken

Editor, The Record:

Re: Letter-writer ‘hysterical,’ Letters to the editor, The Record, June 4.

After reading Mr. David Brett’s latest letter trying to defend Joyce Murray, I would like to quote Dr. Phil and say “just get over it,” the best man won. When we were trying to save Saint Mary’s Hospital, I wrote a letter to Ms. Murray and said if it wasn’t saved, she would go down. The public have spoken.

Now I’m sure Ms. Murray has gotten on with her life, and I suggest Mr. Brett do the same.

P. Macdougall
New Westminster

My Response Sent but NOT PUBLISHED (thus ending the battle):

Reaction to my comments decrying the sad Provincial election results for New West have progressed from the hysterical to the comical, with Tejpal Singh Swatch now comparing me to Fox News’ ultra-right pugilist Bill O’Reilly.

Ominously, Swatch labels my views “American conservative,” cranking up the hysteria meter to code red, signifying that the Black Hawk Helicopters are about to swarm from their secret lair atop Mt. Baker to roast us all up like a Texas BBQ.

Why all this scorn and anti-Americanism? Because I correctly wrote that New West has lost a lot of political clout in Victoria through the loss of prominent Cabinet Minister Joyce Murray.

Swatch also calls me a “sore loser”, which is curious given that Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals actually won the election. P. Macdougall also chimes in to suggest I “just get over it,” quoting world authority on such matters, the illustrious Dr. Phil. That is like saying “just walk away” to someone whose feet have just been cut off. The election is over, but New West has been hobbled.

Swatch suggests Murray lost because she did a bad job, which is just plain wrong. The New West results had little to do with the records of the candidates, and all to do with the heavily funded NDP “slampaign” against Darth Campbell and the Dark Side. If Longva, Swatch and Macdougall think the way I express my opinions is “uncivil” and “disrespectful,” I suggest they make like Yoda and relax. Anger will only make them turn to the Dark Side (my plan is working….).

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